At Integrative Psychological Services of Seattle, we provide evidenced-based, trauma-informed care for teens, adults, and couples. While each clinician has her own specialties, the clients who find our practice to be a good fit for them typically are struggling with life events from the past that continue to cause distress in the present. Our goal is to work toward helping you cope in the here and now by understanding the effects of earlier life experiences on your current functioning. In order to understand what approaches will be most effective, we begin by being interested in how you experience the world, how you make meaning in your life, and thereby discover what can empower you. We collaborate with our clients to generate the goals for our work.

Similar to what is currently being done in primary care medicine, we aim to integrate our physical health services with your therapeutic work and provide collaboration between your psychologist and supplemental physical health providers, thereby providing integration at the specialty care level. For example, if you and your psychologist agree that it might be beneficial for you to see a physical therapist, then your psychologist will refer you to the physical therapist who is a part of our staff. In this way, you will receive integrated care as the physical therapist and your psychologist will work together to coordinate your treatment. While you may choose to see a provider outside of the group, providers within the group will be trained in trauma-informed care.

If you would like to see one of our physical health clinicians, but already have a mental health provider, then contact us. Our physical health providers are happy to work with your current psychologist or mental health therapist.

Over time we will offer more physical health services. Our ultimate goal is to provide trauma-informed care within a model that integrates specialty providers.